Dreamers, 2015

Limited edition risograph publication of 50, by Rosie Morris. printed by Deborah Bower

This 12 page edition contains a continuous 5 page poem coupled with photographs taken on aged 35mm film in the former mansion house, assembly rooms and lodging house of 55/57 Westgate Road. An excerpt from the poem is printed below.

Dreamers, was compiled as part of the exhibition 55 Westgate Road // Dreamers, A site specific installation in the window of 55/57 Westgate Road, Newcastle, May 2015. The installation included an 8'57" looped film, 55 Westgate Road, with sound by Sam Grant and a copy of the publication displayed in the window. 

Dreamers is available to purchase for £10 while copies remain. For more information please contact the artist.




Imagine the ground is

Tipping slowly away

Below you

As you lie

And dream of a strata of memories,

Denser than the layered wall paper,

Chartering taste and fashion preferences for pinks,

Art Deco, baby chicks and bunny rabbits.


Light creeps along at a steady pace,

Offering the walls a moment’s respite from the cold,

In return for hugs, when they touch, 

And envelop each other limb to limb.


Oscillating beyond this haven

Humdrum of City marks out a different pace of passing:

Bin men collect the glassware,

The taxi engine chugs, waiting impatiently for the green light,

Still ensembles of engines tick,

Passing traffic hits crescendo - pitch.


The coaches must have driven up outside,

An opulent, Baroque parade of entertainment:

Ladies with calling cards,

Frivolity and merry-making!

I can hear the string orchestra,

Perhaps the odd recital.


I run up and down the stairs for a while to get the blood flowing... (cont'd)