Notes on Navigating Space, 2017


Taryn Edmonds & Rosie Morris

ArtLacuna, Battersea, London

Residency: 2nd-7th November, 2017

Exhibition: 8th-18th November, 2017

Curated Walk: Saturday 18th November, 2017


This is how space begins, with words only, signs traced on the blank page.

George Perec


Notes on Navigating Space took the form of a research residency, exhibition and curated walk, hosted by ArtLacuna, London. During the residency the artists undertook a series of walks around the area, reflecting on the processes involved in navigating and mapping the local area alongside wider theoretical thinking about our relationship with city spaces. A series of short readings were developed that interwove these first-hand observations with existing writings from artists and philosophers. These were performed as part of a curated walk, inviting an audience to share these new perspectives.


Observe the street, from time to time, with some concern for system perhaps. Apply yourself. Take your time. 


This is how our walk begins

With words only


Your feet

In your shoes

                Zebra Crossing

                                Eddy Scissorhand

                                                      Pizza Hotline

                                                                          Este Road